KMS Reg No.: KMS/A -019/09
P.O. Box, 20 Valletta, CMR1000

The 12th December 2018 marked a change in appearance for the Malta Taekwondo Federation, with the introduction of a new logo, to better reflect the energy and commitment being invested in Taekwondo in Malta.

Under the presidency of Kimberly Barbara, the federation has re-established itself as an entity fully committed to promoting the interests of Taekwondo athletes and bringing them together under one roof. The rebranding depicts the results of efforts to connect with each athlete, their families, their clubs. Making the Malta Taekwondo Federation an approachable entity was key to drawing in all interested parties. The federation began by holding meetings with each club, establishing good communication channels with club coaches and also meeting more informally at social gatherings such as the successful one held on the 15th September 2018.

This work is ongoing and as the MTF draws close to ending another year, it has envisaged a whole new scheme to set the Taekwondo scenario in Malta on fire.