KMS Reg No.: KMS/A -019/09
P.O. Box, 20 Valletta, CMR1000

In Malta WTF-style Taekwondo was introduced in 1986 by a Tunisian Mr Ghilan Rageb. Regular training took place in the Tigne`’ area at Sliema and in a private gymnasium at Pieta`. A national Association was set up. In October of 1988 another club was established in Birzebbugia by Mr Christopher Vella.

In 1989 Korean Master Choi Chang Yeul (6th Dan) came to Malta bringing technical as well as administrative guidance to the local athletes and officials. His coaching was conducted at the Birzebbugia Taekwondo Club which remained the only Taekwondo Club for the years that followed. Since then, the association was called the Malta Taekwondo Federation.

In August of 1994 a new national federal statute was adopted. New clubs were then formed and the Federation joined the World Taekwondo Federation, European Taekwondo Union and the Malta Olympic Committee in 1995. Since then the MTF has on various occasions taken part in championships, seminars and events organized by the ETU. The objectives of the MTF are those of propagating, standardizing and developing Taekwondo in Malta both as a self-defense, martial arts as well as a competitive sport. It also seeks to ensure that the practice of the art involve physical conditioning as well as personality development based on principles such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit.